Ukraine online casino industry gears up for the gaming congress

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Speak to any industry pros and they will tell you that expanding markets are where the industry is heading. No longer is online casino gaming limited to the mainstream regions of Europe, with many Eastern block nations opting for full regulation in order to get their very own slice of the pie. Ukraine is the latest country to make a footprint and are all set to launch their very own gaming congress later in the year. All set to occur in late September, the Ukrainian Gaming Congress will take place in Kiev and will work as a precursor to the country’s legalisation of online casino gaming. The Ukrainian Gaming Conference is seen as a great marketing and education tool, which can work to help the landscape grow and draw in new investors. All in all, the Ukrainian Gaming Congress is all set to put this brand new online casino market in the shop window.

Aleksey Evchenko Set to Speak

The Ukrainian Gaming Congress maybe a brand new event, but that doesn’t mean that the first event will be without prestige. In fact, it seems that plenty of experts and industry luminaries will be attending. Plenty of subject matters will also be covered; with it looking like Aleksey Evchenko being the man heading up the bill, speaking on the potential future legalisation in the country. What makes his appearance so prominent is the fact that he currently Ukraine’s leading tourism advisor. Given the country’s unstable political standpoint, his backing of the industry could be the green light that it needs to move forward. It is expected that at the Ukrainian Gaming Congress he will throw his full support behind industry plans to open the doors to foreign operators, while also supporting the movements being made to draw in foreign based players. The taxation scheme is also set to be addressed, largely as it is one of the few points that still needs to be ironed out before full legalisation can be granted. As you can gather, Evchenko’s speech is hotly anticipated for a number of reasons.

Another Key Name

Aleksey Evchenko may be the name that heads up the bill, but the words of Yuriy Kozhema are also of interest to many. Kozhema is the current serving chairman of the Union of Gaming Enterprises, with his speech set to address what issues face the industry in country in the short-term. He is expected to address standards and practices regulations, along with how such must now fall in line with the rules set in both Europe and America. As stated, Kozhema may not carry the same prominence as Evchenko, but his words at the Ukrainian Gaming Congress will surely be of no less importance.

A Welcome Arrival

The launch of the Ukrainian Gaming Congress all but signifies the arrival of online casino gaming legalisation in the near future. Banned since 2009 it seems the tide is now all but set to turn, with the country hoping that it can kick-start the country’s economy in the fallout of the Ukraine-Russia political struggle. Should legalisation be confirmed, upward of 30,000 jobs will be created, boosting Ukraine’s coffers in the process.


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