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Take a single look at a casino portal these days and you’ll be blasted with a barrage of different brand names. Most of these really do air on the side...

Take a single look at a casino portal these days and you’ll be blasted with a barrage of different brand names. Most of these really do air on the side of the bizarre, which makes it difficult for a player to get to grasp of what exactly it is all about. Thankfully, from time to time an online casino comes along that just keeps it simple when it comes to what it has to offer. For this generation that casino online is Slots & Games, because as you gather from the name, what they have to offer is slots and games. Simplicity is fairly key to the platform provided by this casino, but don’t misconstrued this simplicity for a lack of punching power, because there is no doubt that Slots & Games has plenty of that too.

When Slots & Games launched back in 2010 it did so with a simple goal in mind, that goal was to give slots fans around the world speedy access to the games they loved. That goal was quickly achieved, with the brand going above beyond standing for just that in 2016. Stepping into the spotlight this year, Slots & Games could very well flourish into a great all-rounder in the months to come and here’s why.


It would have been ever to so easy for Slots & Games to tap into online casino cliché when it comes to its ‘Welcome Bonus’. Everyone would have expected an immediate free spins bonus, maybe even a no deposit free spins bonus, and thought nothing of it. While they have that available on site, as far as the ‘Welcome Bonus’ is concerned Slots & Games have stood by the tried and test cash approach. When you decide to sign-up what will be waiting for you inside Slots & Games is a 100% matched first deposit bonus. Instantly doubling your money up to £200, this offer is basic, simple, but ultimately very fair. The fancy side of Slots & Games comes out to play when it comes to subsequent promotions. Building off a strong start, you are like to find no deposit free spins, cash prizes, reward raffles, live tournament action, and a loyalty scheme tucked away within the website’s ‘Promotions’ page.

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Game Selection

Going from basic to booming at 100mph, the game selection at Slots & Games has the ability to get your heart racing. Boxing clever, this website pulls in games from pretty much every major developer. Licensing many of the top games here are IGT, which means sure-fire classics such as 7th Heaven, Monte Carlo, and Holiday Hotel collide in spectacular fashion at Slots & Games. From old-school single line classics to modern day multi-line mayhem, there is plenty on show here for players to get their teeth stuck into. It should also be noted that Slots & Games also makes a few traditional table games available too, although the selection is hardly diverse when compared to what else is available.

Mobile Casino

Keeping with the basic tone, Slots & Games also offers a mobile casino option. As long as you have a compatible device, all you have to do is visit www.slotsandgames.com through a mobile device, enter you login information, and you can play just as you would through a desktop or laptop computer.

Final Thoughts

In the case of Slots & Games basic really is better, as while the playing platform is simple, it still packs in plenty of wallop as it were. From top games to top bonuses, this is a casino online that certainly won’t let you down.

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