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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the direction that the casino industry is heading in. Not only is all gambling now almost exclusively taking place in the online...

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the direction that the casino industry is heading in. Not only is all gambling now almost exclusively taking place in the online domain, but also the powers that be are pushing slots as the game of choice. Slots are now everywhere you look, with there seemingly being little room for anything else. Thankfully, there is a casino online website that is striking back against the influx of reel based titles by providing something different. Aptly named Scratch2Cash, if you haven’t already guessed, this online casino is all about the scratch card games.

Fresh out of the wrapper and ready to deliver, you shouldn’t dismiss Scratch2Cash out of hand because of its size. While it is certainly one of the smaller online casino brands around, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in heart. If you were looking for reasons to try Scratch2Cash on for size, keep reading, as the following looks at why the diminutive name is making big waves.


Much like the fast and easy nature of land-based scratchcards, Scratch2Cash takes a similar approach to the bonuses and promotions offered. Starting things off on a notably simple note. Anyone who takes a moment or two to register at Scratch2Cash will immediately be struck by a two hit combination of player incentives. 20 free cards will be issued to you (no deposit needed in some instances), with a deposit based 100% matched cash offer following suit. Stepping away from the usual free spins offers provided elsewhere, the ‘Welcome Bonus’ at Scratch2Cash really does tap into the scratchcard dedication nature the site. After getting your feet under the table at this casino you’ll be able to embrace the ‘Rewards Program’ that is made available. Split across 7 levels, what’s at hand really does work to reward you for your time.

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Game Selection

Scratchcards are one of the most popular forms of gambling in the United Kingdom. Available from pretty much any newsagent or corner shop, what these cards allow gamblers to do is receive an instant gambling thrill. For years the digital realm ignored these types of mini-games, but after several years Scratch2Cash took up the cause, with the result being a truly comprehensive selection of online scratchcard games. Being honest, you aren’t going to find a scratchcard game catalogue anywhere else in the world, as what it showcases it true underlying depth. If you fancy a break from all the scratch action Scratch2Cash you covered. This is because slot games all make an appearance here, with there being quite an array to choose from. Top games like Twin Spin, Reel Rush, and Flowers make the cut, along with various other 5-reel and 3-reel games.

Mobile Casino

The Scratch2Cash mobile casino is largely a hit and miss affair, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t worth acknowledging. Improving seemingly day on day, it pretty much exclusively deals in scratchcard games, with sadly at this point no making the cut here. However, it may be a case of watch this space, as such titles should eventually make the transition to the mobile platform.

Final Thoughts

As a casino Scratch2Cash is an online casino that knows exactly what it wants to be and certainly isn’t afraid to admit it. Carrying plenty of zip and swagger, if you love scratchcard games, there should be no doubt in your mind, as Scratch2Cash will be the casino for you.

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