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There was once a time when the online casino landscape was a largely bland and boring affair. During its formative years, while innovative, the online casino brands being put forward...

There was once a time when the online casino landscape was a largely bland and boring affair. During its formative years, while innovative, the online casino brands being put forward were very samey. There was a distinct lack of diversity in the product being put forward, but in the early 2000s that all changed. New online casinos would pop up left, right, and centre, all of which pushed a brand new way of play. Proving that these gimmicked casinos are much more than just another industry fad, Royal Panda has been around long enough now to dispel the doubted. While the package it presents may appear “cheesy” on the outside, there is no denying that Royal Panda has earned a reputation for proving a high-quality online casino experience.

There is no denying Royal Panda presents a fun and thrilling theme, but what does it do to ensure that the casino entertainment flows beyond this? Keep on reading to find out!


As you would have probably already gathered, the mascot for Royal Panda is a a panda, but it isn’t just any old panda. This panda doesn’t only bear a striking resemblance to a famous Pixar character, but he also proves to be very generous. Anyone who goes through the process of registering at Royal Panda will be in line to receive an encouraging ‘Welcome Bonus’. After you account has been validated you’ll be given 10 no deposit needed free spins. This no deposit bonus will certainly allow you to sample the Royal Panda experience, but it is the following up offer that will allow you to get to the meat and bones of the matter. Raising the bar when it comes to deposit based bonuses, Royal Panda will match all initial deposits by 100% (up to £100). Doubling up, Royal Panda will transform your initial £100 deposit into £200 in a matter of moments.

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Game Selection

Thousands of players have flocked to Royal Panda in recent months and the game selection is part of the reason why. If you were to use one term to describe the array of games made available at Royal Panda it would be “slots paradise”. By partnering with some of the biggest software casino developers in the world (NetEnt and Microgaming specifically), Royal Panda delivers an all-star game selection that ranks in the hundreds as far as choice is concerned. Ranging from player favourites like Starburst to truly life-changing progressive jackpot games such as Mega Moolah, Royal Panda has it all and then some. The level of diversity can also be found within the table games at Royal Panda has in store, as they don’t neglect the traditional side of matters. Endorsing some of the old classics, Royal Panda members are given unrestricted access to Progressive Caribbean Stud, Vegas Craps, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette among other old-school casino games.

Mobile Casino

If the web-based casino action at Royal Panda wasn’t enough, they now also offer an on the go platform. Adapting to the mobile casino stage, what Royal Panda is able to offer is a web browser based experience that mimics the full casino down to the nearest detail.

Final Thoughts

Royal Panda may offer a theme that is largely cartoon based, but there is much more to this operator than its child-like graphics. Delve beneath the surface and you’ll see that Royal Panda is a one-stop-shop for crazy casino action and all-round gambling based entertainment. Simply put, Royal Panda is a casino online that any player would be foolish to simply pass by.

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