How did the Ukrainian Gaming Congress unfold?

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If you have been reading our blog entries as of late, you will have already been made aware of the up and coming Ukrainian Gaming Congress. Now gaming congresses are no longer the rarity they once were, with there now being countless numbers of such occurring each year. In many ways this has diluted the purpose of them, but while that may be the case, a congress event appears every now and then that does get people talking. This year it is the Ukrainian Gaming Congress that has been eagerly anticipated.

The event took place on September 29th and in many ways announced the country’s first steps towards re-granting the legalisation of online casino gaming. For many years Ukraine was touted as the nation that would help popularise online casino gaming in Eastern European markets, but the brakes were put on that when all gambling related activity was banned in the country during 2009. Since that day online casino gaming has been on the comeback trail. Event organisers Smile-Expo brought together some of the industry’s brightest minds last month in attempt to discuss how far online casino legalisation is from becoming a reality once again.

Making Progress

The Ukrainian economy has been on a rough ride in 2015, largely due to the shaky political nature of the country. Online casino gaming is considered a market that can boost the nation; this way of thought was clearly presented at the Ukraine Gaming Congress. It seems that the industry’s greatest minds understands its importance to the nation’s future and have come together to create 18 different draft bills. Through the minds of lawmakers and financiers, a pitch is being put together to legalise online casino gaming in Ukraine once again. It is no surprise to see that these drafts were a hot topic of discussion at the Ukraine Gaming Congress. Viktor Romaniuk and Gennadiy Krivosheya, who took the opportunity to discuss the matter at great length, are putting the drafts forward. The bill is by all accounts set to remove the criminal status attached to online casino gaming, putting a clear set of industry rules in place to boot.

At time of writing, unregulated gambling is already readily available on Ukrainian shores; something that full legalisation would hopefully stomp out. This matter was discussed at length at the Ukraine Gaming Congress, as many are wondering where the line will be drawn with regards to who can operate and where. Proximity and economic benefits were also discussed too, showing that while it may not be legal now, there is faith in the fact that the up coming bill will be passed.

Current Operations

The ban on gambling was issued by the Ukrainian government back in 2009, but by all accounts the industry still existed, just underground and through the dark web. What the legalisation will do is force all these operators to emerge from the shadows and become taxable operations. This matter was discussed at the Ukraine Gaming Congress, with outcome being that the economy could make tens of millions by introducing favourable tax conditions for legal gambling operations. Currently underground, if legalisation occurs, Ukraine could see its coffers majorly boosted by various mainstream online casino operations.

Talk of the Town

It seems that Ukraine is on the brink of an important moment in the country’s history. If the talk of the Ukraine Gaming Congress is to be believed, legalisation of online casino gaming could be on the way.

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