Free Bet

They are the lifeblood of the online casino industry and an element that as a player you simply can’t ignore. Online casino bonuses and free bets are as common place as the casino themselves, so as a player it pays to understand what they are and where to find them. While in days gone by you may have claimed free bets blindly, it needn’t be that way anymore. This is because this guide is now on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of free bets, free spins, and free slots.

Sign Up Bonus/Welcome Bonus/Registration Bonuses

The most common form of free bet that you are likely to come across is a sign-up bonus. Issued by practically every online slots casino, these bonuses are the type that most people tend to claim. The key format is that you must make a deposit to receive a free bet. The free bet given to you is usually a percentage calculation related to how much you choose to deposit. Looking at an example, Bet365 may offer you a 150% matched deposit sign-up bonus, which means should you deposit £100, then will receive £150 in free bet funds. The same concept can be applied to sign-up free spin/free slots too. In terms of what you are likely to find when you look for a sign-up free bet bonus that is deposited, the percentage tends to vary. Realistically you can expect anything up to 200%, while in some instances you may need a code in order to claim such offer.

No Deposit Bonuses

Many players consider them to be the holy grail of online casinos, largely as it isn’t always easy to find a worthwhile no deposit bet. In most instances new online casinos that are looking to muscle their way into the market and attract a foundation audience issue them. These bonuses work on a similar premise to a traditional sign-up free bet bonus in the sense that they are issued following the registration process. The difference comes in the fact that in order to access the bonus you don’t need to actually part with any of your own money. The free bet is actually handed out complimentary, but rarely will a no deposit bonus offer up the same value as a matched deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses are great, but in many cases you will have to work hard in order to make them go further.

Free Spin Bonuses

Every now and them you will come across a bonus form that is actually specific to a set game or genre. The leading format for such is a free spins/free slots bonus, because as you can already guess they are geared towards online casino slots games. These bonuses come in number form, for example 10, 20, or 30 free spins and seldom have a direct cash value. The plus side of free spins/free slots is that they can be interspersed into a game without too much fuss. Due to the non-pay-in element of online slots, you can freely jump between paid and free spins, meaning that they can be used as a gameplay extender along with being a game sampling tool.

Reload Bonuses

The above has addressed the free bet types you are likely to come across when to register at a UK based online casino, but the free bets available to you don’t end there. Should you be reliable and stick by an online casino you will find that you will be justly rewarded for your loyalty through reload bonuses. Reload bonuses are usually issued on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. In order to access them you need to be regularly paying into an online casino and meeting the free bet deposit requirements. More often than not these bonuses won’t reach the lofty heights of a sign-up bonuses when it comes to free bets, but they are substantial in their own right.

VIP Bonuses

Going one step above reloaded bonuses, VIP systems are now a regular feature within various online casinos. In many cases you need to be classed as “high roller” in order to qualify for VIP level online casino membership, but should you do you can expect to have access to a hefty selection of free slots, free spins, free money, and free bet offers. VIP systems all offer players other exclusive rewards such as holidays and luxury items, but it should be noted that your pay-in levels need to be high in order to access such. VIP systems are generally in place to attract high rollers that are looking to deposit tens of thousands each time they login to play.

Deposit Method Bonus

Seldom seen in today’s environment, but every now and then you may come across a free bet bonus that relates to how you manage your money. Back in the day (and in some cases still today) an online casino will choose to partner with a certain payment provider. When this is the case it is the onus of the online casino to encourage the use of such. How this is usually done is through a free bet incentive. For example, say you sign-up to an online casino that is partnered with PayPal, then the casino may offer you a free bet, free spins, or free slots bonus, should you choose to deposit into the casino through a PayPal account.


The wonderful thing about no deposit bets is that they come in some many different shapes in sizes. From online casino to online bookmakers, the offers available regularly change in both size and stature, with many catering to different types of players. What this means is that through smart thinking and clever use of a casino portal, you can mix’n’match bonuses to ensure that you are given plenty of free funds to play around with.