Casino Bonus

It almost goes without saying these days, but casino bonuses no matter their form divide opinion amongst players. Some players despise them, while others laud them; it really is a case of love or hate when it comes to the leading form of online casino marketing. Now I know that online casino bonus detractors will put forward a pretty stern argument for why they are bad, I want to go on record and say that casino bonuses are a good thing. I feel that they have worked wonders to open up what was at one point in time a closed industry. Thanks to the online casino bonus almost anyone can get involved in playing his or her favourite casino games and for my money that stands for a lot.

These days you would be hard pressed to find an online casino that isn’t running a casino bonus promotion of some kind. By the fact that there are so many sites out there offering casino bonuses, it can all be a tad confusing to get your head around. But never fear, as help is now on hand. The following looks at the types of casino bonuses available and how you can work to get the best out of them.

All Shapes and Sizes

There is this old myth that all online casino bonuses are the same, let me tell you now that such myth is pretty much nonsense. We no longer live in the era of the standardised casino bonus, as these days you are going to find choice pretty much everywhere you look. When evaluating the very best online casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses often stand out as the most popular. These bonuses are usually issued to new players upon registration, but the bonus offered tends to be fairly nominal in size. Seldom will you be able to find a big no deposit bonus, largely as they don’t require a player to pay-in. While they may be small in size, no deposit bonuses are perfect for cautious players who want to try before they by.

Experienced online casino players may want to get their hands on something a little more substantial and they can through a matched deposit bonus. When you choose to part with some of your own money, you can expect the online casino to reward you justly. The way a matched deposit bonus works is that the online casino will offer you a percentage figure of your deposit in bonus funds. For example, should you deposit £100 through a 100% matched deposit bonus, you will receive a £100 in free play funds. Moving on from the direct cash value casino bonuses, you will find that there are bonuses that are specific to a set game genre. The leading form for such is free spin bonuses. They are pretty self explanatory, as they provide players with a select amount of free spins on several or all onsite slot titles.

Always Be Aware

Bonuses seem all sweetness and light most of the time and when used the right way they can be, but they do often contain some very notable pitfalls. These pitfalls can actually make or break how well you perform with your online casino bonus. Leading the elements that you need to watch out for is the wagering requirement. No other figure threatens to derails your online casino bonus experience more than the wagering requirement. This figure will be listed as anything between 10x and 100x and refers to how many times you must wager the bonus in order to legitimise it. As you can guess, the wagering requirement can often prove to be quite the stumbling block. When looking at casino bonuses you really only want to accept an offer that has a low wagering requirement.

The above is the key element to watch out for, but it isn’t the only danger you need to concern yourself with. Cashout limits are in place as a failsafe from the online casino, as they limit the amount you can win. For example, say you clean up and land a Mega Fortune progressive jackpot, then a cash out limit could very well prevent you from claiming it. Most modern casino bonuses now come with a time-cap attached, whether it be 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or longer, you must have used and cleared your wagering requirement by the end of such period. The last thing you need to concern yourself with is game-locks, while not common at time of writing, there have been some online casinos that have been trying to limit where exactly a player can use a casino bonus.

Compare and Save

The key to getting the best online casino bonuses is found with research. Now I’m not saying that you need to trawl all four corners of the web, but you will need to spend some time looking at the right resources. Online casino portals are anywhere and everywhere these days, you can’t even search on Google without one appearing, so they are well worth using, By visiting an online casino portal you will get to see all that is available to you when it comes to casino bonuses. Every aspect of them is often detailed along with how you can get hold of them. But it isn’t just that, these sites also pull back the curtain on the industry. As industry news is regularly featured, along with in-depth reviews of the online casinos in question.

The Real Truth

The fact of the matter is that online casino bonuses are nowhere near as bad as some online gamblers would have you believe. There is no denying that they come loaded with conditions, but should you side-step these pitfalls then you will find that all online casino bonuses are useful in some wa. Not only can they work to introduce you to the online casino experience, but they can work to further it too. The real truth of online casino bonuses is this; they are the perfect compliment to your online casino exploits.